Thursday, April 18, 2013

PJ’s to Work Day

By Diane Forrest

Every year for Christmas, my aunt would give me pajamas.  I was the best-dressed sleeper in town.  My favorite pair was pink footie pajamas with a faux fur pink collar around the neck and wrists.  I wore those PJ’s out!  The only trouble was, nobody else got to see my wonderful pajamas.  Well today you can show off your PJ's.
Today is National Wear your Pajama's to Work Day.  This day happens every year, the first day following tax day because an ultra-casual day is the perfect way to recover. Just make sure to check your schedule to make sure you don’t have any big meetings planned!

I remember last year when this day rolled around, my friend's children were so excited to be able to wear their pajama's to school.  They planned and planned for days, probably one of the easiest days she had getting them up and going to school.  It wasn’t long after she returned home that she received a call from the school  Apparently she had jumped the gun, and the wear your pajama's to school day wasn’t going to take place until the next week, and could she please bring some clothes for her children to change in to.

If your place of business doesn't mind, go ahead and wear your PJ's slippers and housecoat.  Just relax after the stressful tax season.   I will be looking for my pink footie PJ's to wear to work today

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