Saturday, April 6, 2013

Improving our Ability to Communicate

By Terry Orr

Here at KISBYTO over the past two plus years have provided many communications related articles and links to help in becoming a better communicator.  There are three new links from experts in their field of communicating better and we encourage your to read these summaries and follow the links for more valuable information.

Mark Evans wrote an interesting article titled, “Communications 101: How to Communicate Better.” While this article was published in April 2007, I believe he has covered the basics quite well.  In order, he writes about In Person, Phone Calls, Video-Conferencing/video phones, E-mail, and Instant-Messaging.  (
Keeping it Simple.

Another excellent article was written by Marielys Camacho titled, “10 effective tips for better communication skills” and are provided below.  (

Think before talking: Having a clear idea of the information you are transmitting will help you in presenting a well-structured and trustworthy message. It will also prevent you from saying something you are not supposed to say or from passing a confusing message to the receiver.
Be honest: Honesty is the most important factor when communicating with others. It helps you create a bond with the other person and at the same time will help you in gaining the respect and admiration of the receiver. Be honest all the time and you will never have to regret anything you have said.
Practice active listening: Effective communication is not only the way we communicate with others – it also includes the way we listen to them.
Ask questions: To have a better understanding of the topic of discussion, it is important for you to ask questions.
Watch your body language: Body language is as important as any other form of communication.
Try to see other people’s points of views: When you take in consideration other people’s points of views you will have a better chance in making them feel you care about their opinions and at the same time, it helps you in establishing a good connection between you and other people.
Don’t judge: Pretty simple – don’t do unto others what you don’t like done unto you.
Don’t overwhelm the other person: When communicating with others, it’s important for you to express your opinion without trying to manipulate the conversation.
Provide constructive criticism: If you feel like you need to criticize other people, make sure you use constructive criticism.

And lastly, but certainly as important as those above is WikiHow’s excellent article, “How to Develop Good Communication Skills” ( in four important steps:

Step 1 - Understanding the Basics of Communication Skills
  • Know what communication really is.
  • Have courage to say what you think.
  • Practice.

Step 2 - Engage Your Audience
  • Make eye contact.
  • Use gestures.
  • Don’t send mixed messages.
  • Be aware of what your body is saying.
  • Manifest constructive attitudes and beliefs.
  • Develop effective listening skills.

Step 3 - Use Your Words
  • Enunciate your words.
  • Pronounce your works correctly.
  • Use the right words.
  • Slow your speech down.

Step 4 - Use your Voice
  • Develop your voice.
  • Animate your voice
  • Use appropriate volume.

By becoming a better listener we also improve our ability to communicate better and if we practice these fine tips about in our daily interactions with others.  Open and honest communications are essential in every aspect of your daily life. 

Do you have any Better Communicating tips to share?  We would love to see them.  Thanks!

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