Friday, July 19, 2013

Back to School Checklist

By Terry Orr

Ugh….No!…its still July…I don’t want to think about school yet Mom. Three of five my grandson’s will be returning to school soon and granddaughter begins Kindergarten in a few weeks.  Earlier today, while working on the August Blog schedule – the light went off – what we need is a good checklist for folks getting ready of school and college. Well, the first list I found (mom’s back to school checklist) starts with…2 months before school starts!!  Yikes, I am already two weeks late with this article.  Guess this ‘forgetting things’ is yet another reminder, that perhaps I’m getting older.

Each of the references below have some excellent ideas to help the parent, children and students get ready of their upcoming routine and things that need to be done prior to starting classes.

Getting them back on the routine of getting to bed and up on time has always been a long pole in the tent in our home.  They love staying up late and sleeping in late. One of the links suggest to start going to bed 10 minutes earlier each night until you reach the desired bedtime and same with getting up in the mornings – sounds like a good plan. If this will be the first year using an alarm clock, recommend an early start for that as well.

In the family – shared calendars are a must these days – and having a wall calendar in the kitchen/hallway makes excellent sense.  It’s an easy reminder for all what is going on – two months (this and next) is another good idea.

Post new rules at school where everyone can see them.  This will save lots of time and frustration for all.  Do’s and Don’t list. Emergency Contact List posted and one carried at all times.

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