Saturday, July 6, 2013


By Diane Forrest

After looking at this poster the first thing that came to mind was the events that happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and all the many stories that developed from that crisis.  I saw several clips where there were many complaints that the government didn’t do enough for them such as their new home they were provided with was not big or fancy enough, their complimentary TV was too small, their clothes were not from the fashion runways, and they were not able to eat steak every night.
I am not opposed to temporary assistance during a specific time frame.  Everyone needs help at one time or another.    I found myself in tough circumstances at one time during my life.  My husband was fired from his job after he suffered his injury, I was let go from my job at the hospital during a downsizing phase, and I had a small child at home.  I quickly found another job, but the pay was significantly lower than my previous job.  I went to the family assistance center to see about getting some help, but the process was so humiliating, that I quickly left.   We made some changes at home, got help from our families and I got a part time job on my days off.
The state welfare program was designed to offer help to those during a 3-year time frame.  This system has been abused to the extent that not only do people use it indefinitely; they produce more children to increase their income, and then teach their children how to get government help too.
While riding by our local welfare office I could not believe all the nice new cars that were parked outside.  I had read an article about an emergency room Doctor who had a patient wearing expensive clothes, gold chains taking on his iPhone, but expecting free medical treatment through Medicaid.   These are the things that infuriate most of us, and the reason why our country is in such bad financial shape.
Every afternoon I go to my father's house and watch Judge Judy with him.  In over half of the cases we see one of the participants is receiving government assistance.  In on particular case this woman was suing the owner of a business school because she didn’t learn anything. Not only was her education free, paid for by grants, but she wanted that money, which she didn't earn, to be returned to her.  Judge Judy told her she didn’t work for her education, that she did, and all other taxpayers did, and she wasn’t going to be paid twice because she failed to learn.
I believe there comes a time in your life when you have to stand on your own two feet (if you are physically able) and take responsibility for your own self, and any offspring you produce.  If you can't afford it, you can’t have it!!  What are your feelings?  Leave us a comment below.

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