Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tell the Truth

By Terry Orr

Imagine a world where nobody lies, says anything misleading, or does anything dishonest. Tell The Truth Day aims to achieve this for just one day – presumably to allow people the rest of the year to get over insult, hurt and the result of truths, which perhaps should have remained un-said!  Remember the ole saying ‘If you can’t say something nice about a person, don’t say anything.” Good advice.

Do you ever wonder why folks lie?  I mean really wonder?  I know folks who would rather lie than to tell the truth – and generally they would have been far better of telling the truth from the get go!

You have seen folks at gathers telling others bold face lies – in the company of others who know the truth and will any one challenge the liar – NOT. Why? Hurt their feelings?

My closing comment on this subject - Our elected officials, leaders, parents, et al are supposed to be setting the example for our young people - the example they are setting is WRONG and we all are going to pay the price down the road.

Excellent words to live by..
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  1. As my Father would say;"you get a spanking for lieing, not for telling the truth."