Sunday, July 14, 2013


By Terry Orr

Can someone please explain why folks continue to underestimate Mother Nature and her Awesome Destructive Power year in and out?  Especially folks who live in Tornado Alley – many still do not have proper shelter for those monster tornados.

Moore, OK holds the record of having two of the most powerful tornados in recorded history – and most home do not have underground shelters – no basement – no community shelter to ride out the storm.  To further complicate matters, the schools and hospitals are not built to withstand the more damaging twisters?

In 2013 we have already had two EF5 Tornados: May 30th in Moore, OK; and May 31st in El Reno, OK.  As of June 6th there have been 448 Tornados.

While watch the news media show numerous and often the same video clips – and looking at some those neighborhoods built on concrete slabs.  During one-interview sessions, the media person asked why more folks did not have storm shelters? One response was they cost between $5-8K.  Why are builders allowed to build any home in ‘Tornado Alley” without basements or storm shelters? Another alternative could be building sub-subterranean, partially underground and underground homes. These alternative homes also offer many other benefits – heating and cooling for example. 

From a safety and insurance perspective – one would think some of these changes would have already been implemented.  What are some of the other alternatives are or could be made available to reduce the damage and lost of life?

(Photos form Google) 

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  1. You have a good point. Tornadoes are a known risk and steps should be taken to minimize the risk.