Tuesday, July 16, 2013


By Diane Forrest

Several years ago I learned the President Clinton would be traveling to a small town in the Mississippi Delta, a town where I grew up.  It was a good 5-hour trip from my home, but I loaded up my husband and son and started out bright and early heading for the Delta.
We stood by the side of the road in front of the school I attended when I was younger, and watched as the motorcade went by.  After it passed, we quickly drove to the small airport to watch him take off and to hopefully see him in person.  It was a dreadfully scorching Mississippi summer day, and seconds before Clinton arrived at the site, my 12 year old son insisted he was about to die from heat stroke, so we left to seek a cooler climate, and grab some lunch.  I was terribly disappointed having missed this once in a lifetime opportunity, and my son questioned why I cared.
Not being a democrat, and particularly not a fan of Clinton's, he was confused about the whole pilgrimage of rushing for hours of driving and hours spent suffering in the heat just to see a man we didn’t agree with.
I explained to him that we didn’t go there to see Bill Clinton; we went to see The President of the United States!  No matter what my opinion was regarding his political or persona views, he still held the highest office in the country and that deserved our respect.
The same can be said for President Obama.  I may not agree with his programs, his views, his politics, but he is our elected official.   I have a friend who greatly supported him, but even he has waned on his opinion of our Chief Official.
I would imagine that President Obama is only trying to do what he thinks is good for America, I would hope so at least.  I imagine that debating his governing is like a Monday morning quarterback.  Its easy to say what you would do when you are not involved in the action, but whether you agree or not, he is our current Commander and Chief, and if you don't care for him then make sure you VOTE and participate in the election process.

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